About me
Hello! My name is Anna and I do handpoke tattoos.
What is Handpoke?
This is an interesting and original technique, it does not use special machines for applying a sketch to skin. The master uses a needle and paint only.
What is special in my work?
I love minimalism. Therefore, it can be traced in every work of mine.

I also use a lot of symbols and ornaments. I often bring a hidden meaning and at the same time aesthetics into my tattoos.
Curious about
In comparison to machine tattoos, handpoke tattoos heal faster and are less painful in application.

The technique is very delicate and you can get high-quality and delicate tattoos even in the most difficult places.
Also I have a collection of jewellery made by my sketches and a set for handpoke tattoos.
You can make your first tattoo yourself by using it.
In my works, I use fine lines for esthetics and special atmosphere of my tattoos.

Also I teach offline and online courses for those who have wanted to get the handpoke technique, but did not know how to start.
There are more of my works in Instagram - @ann_pokes
Offline hand poke technique course
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