One-to-one training

Full-time one-to-one handpoke technique basic training. (Manual tattoo technique).
Dates will be discussed with the student individually.
The ability to create and draw proceeds from you.
In order to become a student of my course, you should send:
- examples of work
- drawings, sketches
! I don't teach to draw and create sketches. Already, it is very important to have this skill and send your works in the style you want to create tattoos.
Also, you will need to prepare for training and draw several sets of sketches in advance. To implement it on the course :)
Price of the course is
65 000 ₽
The course price includes:
1 theoretical day and 2 days of intensive practice.
theory, analysis of materials, discussion of sketches
12:00-17:00 ((approximately)
practice 2 people
12:00-17:00 (approximately)
practice 2 people
There are consultations and advertising support in the first two weeks after training (based on the result of training)

Also, you will receive a certificate of completion of my course. And a handpoke box with the necessary material for the first time :)
1 Lesson
Necessary theoretical base (let's talk about how it started), the basic handpoke technique and its features, let's talk about sketches and stylistics.
Preparation of the worktop - sanitary conditions and disinfection of the workplace. I will talk about needles and their configurations.
2 Lesson
Submission, integration of sketch on body, composition (how to choose the sketch for a particular part of body) + practice on model.
3 Lesson
Practical training with models! Master's supervision, analysis of details.
Course duration 3 lessons per 4-7 hours (approximately)

Course dates are set individually and reserved in advance, location: St. Petersburg and Moscow
50% prepayment and the second part made on the last day of the course.
If you refuse in 7 days or less before the course, the deposit isn't refundable.
Your works
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